MycoSkin is an innovative skincare brand that utilizes the power of hemp + mushrooms for their lip balm product line. They seamlessly blend sexiness with mushroom education.


Branding, Packaging, Digital & Web, 3D





Hemp CBD Branding and Packaging Design


MycoSkin is an organic, mushroom skincare line focused on bringing clinical herbalism combined with mushrooms to create powerful natural skincare products.

Hemp Branding and Packaging Design
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Phone Case

Mobile & Desktop Website

MycoSkin's Desktop & Mobile Website Features:

  • A federally hemp-compliant ecommerce site.

  • Password protected wholesale store.

  • Custom 3D product graphics.

  • Custom Meet Our Magic Mushroom graphics.

  • Mailchimp Integrations

  • SEO

  • Google Analytics integrations.


MOON MOUNTAIN DESIGN STUDIO is a creative studio founded in Boulder, Colorado. We come up with strong and distinct brand identities based on research, thoughtfulness, and creative innovation. Design is in everything we make, but it’s also between those things. It’s a mix of craft, science, genuine storytelling, and philosophy.